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Thread: had a nice visit today

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    had a nice visit today

    Stopped buy to see Jim DeLaney. Too bad I didn't have a camera , you talk about a collection of hand planes!!! He had one there that would where you out just carrying it around and this really cool one that had an adjustable sole, you could bow it to go concave or convex.

    And his mitre saw station, nicer than my kitchen cabinets.

    I made out ok too, last time he was down he took my extra jointer knives home and sharpened them. He also gave something I was missing from my unisaw, A removable splitter!!

    Thanks Jim, I had a good time today

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    Thanks for stopping by. I really enjoyed the visit. Glad you liked the plane collection. As I said, I've been accumulating them for a long time.

    As for the jointer blades, I felt a little sheepish about having had them for so long. I had them sharpened well over a month ago, but just kept forgetting to call or email you about them.

    The removeable splitter ought to increase the safety factor on you Unisaw a bit. As I said, I had it on my Powermatic 63, and used it on my Shop Fox until I got the Biesemeyer. It's a good splitter - I just like the Biesemeyer a little better.

    Next visit, I'll remember to get the camera out and charge the batteries beforehand...
    Jim D.
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    Hey no worries Jim, not like I've been doing much anyway Well much woodworking

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