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Thread: What I did in the military

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    What I did in the military

    What I did in the military -- seems like a long time ago ~1963
    USAF -- KC135 A

    Click image for larger version. 

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    That brings back memories Paul.
    Where I grew up in northwestern New Brunswick, the family farm was about 5 miles cross-country, just across the border from Loring AFB, northern Maine. There was virtually always one or two of these and a couple of B52s in the circuit, passing right overhead.
    The annual base open house was always a lot of fun and we went often. The border was a lot simpler procedure than it is today.
    Thanks for posting this.

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    Re: What I did in the military

    Paul does the picture mean you managed the refueling at the rear of the tanker or were you a pilot in the jet being refueled. Either way very very cool.

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    I've seen that view--only from a KC-97
    USAF 1965-1992
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    USAF 1959-1963.
    Weather Observer technician. Little over a year at Larson AFB in Washington State actually being a weather observer. Transfered to High Wycombe Air Station in England. Tough service, sometimes I actually had to walk to the pub. Worked inside as an editor translating coded weather info and resending it from U.S. to Europe and the other direction. Had temp. duty intercepting Russian broadcasts. It was a bad day when I didn't win the darts games and had to pay for my own beer.
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    USN 1960-1964
    Radio Operator Nav-ComSta Guam 1961-1963 - Communication between 7th fleet and the world. Major communications transfer point for the western Pacific.
    Jan 1963 - Aug 1964 - USS Finch out of Treasure Island .... 30 days in port 30 days at sea working for the USAF Air Early Warning System... every ship or plane that crossed our station had to identify themselves to us... reported all inbound traffic to airforce.
    Tellico Plains, TN
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    USMC 1966~1988. "Adapt; Improvise; Overcome!"
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    US Army 1957 to 1960 radio repair and Classified Courier in Berlin Germany

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    U.S. Army Security Agency, (no longer in existence), July 1967- Dec 1973. North Vietnamese Linguist. Spent a year at Monterey , CA. learning the language. Then direct support to National Security Agency. Duty in Vietnam, Texas, Okinawa, Thailand and Maryland.

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    Never served myself, but Dad was Army from 45 - 69. Dad always said he'd have stayed in 5 more, but they were going to send him back to Vietnam.

    Thanks all of you.

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