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Thread: 1995 Sept. 11

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    1995 Sept. 11

    Was the date written on the certificate in an envelope in the box of the 3x5 flag I bought yesterday.

    I called my friend who manages the thrift shop and told her I needed a flag for my bike. She live across the street so she had it at her house when I got home. The Flag had flown over the Nations Capital on that date. That's cool now it will be used on Patriot Guard rides to Arlington National.
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    Are you familiar with the Capitol Flag Program? It is run by the US government and employs people whose job is to raise and lower a flag every 30 seconds on short poles behind the Capitol for US Senators and Representatives to hand out as favors to their constituents. We spend hundreds of thousands of dollars a year so these flags can find their way into thrift stores I guess. I remember seeing a TV blurb about it fifteen or twenty years ago.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dan Gonzales View Post
    ....for US Senators and Representatives to hand out as favors to their constituents.....
    I received one of these flown on the day of my retirement from the USAF. No thrift shop for mine.

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