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Thread: More Shoebox Storage

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    More Shoebox Storage

    I was busy watching glue dry so I hit the srcap bin and grabbed the brad nailer. I had relocated my larger handheld routers to another area (more spacious and easier to get at a given router without digging through the rest) so this space opened up. The eventual destiny of this cabinet seems to be hardware, parts and accessory storage so this is just doing up the fourth bay out of five. More Shoebox Storage in another cabinet here.

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    I am also in the plastic shoe box camp. They are a great asset to a shop.

    For things that need other shape containers I try to get groups of boxes the same size and shape. I do this so they take up uniform shelf space.

    As you can see in the pic of the 22" deep cabinet with the boxes, deep shelves STRONGLY tempt one to put stuff in front of the boxes. So I violate Glenn's wishes for shallower cabinets so nothing can get placed in front of a container. However, there is usually room to move the ONE thing in front of a box to another location on the shelf so it isn't as bad as he thinks.

    In the late 50's I built a medical building. My suite was twice the size of a typical optometric suite. There was enough room that everything had a place. That made it very easy to put everything away every time. My shop is about half the size that it should be; storage is a problem. That means that a lot of things are in the "for now" location.

    When I wrote "everything" in the above paragraph, I really meant "everything," every screwdriver, nut, screw, med bottle, lens, frame, patient's file, text book, etc. Nothing was ever out of place; it was easier to put it back where it belonged. Oohh I long for that in my shop.

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    Im finding that I need two types of storage in my shop.
    The first type, is the stuff that I go to first with almost every thing I do. My favorite screwdriver, the most common kreg screw, router bit, etc.
    Im trying to make everything Iuse constantly within arms reach, even if it means seperating router bits. Im trying to keep everything as close to my center workspace so I dont even have to take more than one step or look through a storage cabinet.
    My second storage, is just stuff put away that I use ocassionally, and then I try to keep one draw open for that stuff while Im doing a certain project, not having to put it away back in storage and look for it again.
    Its working for me. I havent labelled any of my plastic shoe boxes, and have to dig through them when I need something, someday I will organize like the bradleys.
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    I have heard that you should be careful what you wish just might get it.

    "...someday I will organize like the bradleys."
    If you are referring to this Bradley, may the gods help you.

    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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