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Thread: One stupid mistake...

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    One stupid mistake...

    I was cutting a mortise, something I haven't done very often, and was cleaning up the top of the mortise to give myself lines to cut on, when the chisel slipped and moved violently in the direction I was pushing it. This would have been OK, except that I had stupidly put my left had in front of th chisel, and it made a deep gash in the end joint of my left index finger. I went back to the house immediatey and ran some water on it to see how bad the damage was. It was obvious that I would need stitches, so I called out to my wife, who brought me a towel, helped get the dogs in, and drove me to the hospital.

    After waiting the required hour to get into the treatment area and for the death panel to decide I was worth treating I got eight stitches and a dressing, and was advised that it would take a week for the stitches to come out, two weeks to stop hurting and up to seven weeks to be fully healed. The doc says I cut the artery and the nerve to the finger tip, and will probably be numb on one side of my fingertip. Could be worse.

    My record is intact still - I have only ever hurt myself on hand tools, never on a power tool. I got blood on the project, but only on the back.

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    I've never needed stitches from woodworking (yet) but I do leave red spots on almost every thing I build
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    I drew blood yesterday too. I bumped a router bit in the table.

    Take care of that wound, ain't this hobby great?
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    You will eventually get most of the feeling back in that fingertip though it might take a year or more. The nerve will grow down from the cut end and find its way to the end of the finger. Amazing if you stop to think about it...

    If you do get the stitches out in seven days be very careful to avoid aggressively bending that fingertip for a few weeks...hate to have the thing split open.

    Good luck.

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    A good reminder for us all. Here's hoping you heal up quicker than they say!
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    Glad it wasn't more seriious... I recently had my chisels sharpened and knowing how prone I am to getting nicked, I take special precaution any time I grab a chisel for anything.

    It's been over a year, but right after I got my woodcut bowl coring device, I cored a large bowl and the first time I put the tool inside to clean up, it slipped and the knuckle of my left hand hit the sharp edge of the bowl... nicked it almost to the bone. I didn't go for stitches, but probably should have... if the weather is just right I get a reminder of the cut... wood will cut you.
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    Hope it heals up quickly. I have two word's I use a lot in my self talk "WHAT IF" when I don't use them I sometimes get hurt.
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    I had not thought about it until now; my dad lectured me far more about dangers of chisels than knifes.

    I hope you heal rapidly and thouroughly!

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    Take care of that injury Rodger, happens quick doesn't it. Heal quickly.

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    Take care of that wound, Roger. We ain't as tough as we think at times! DAMHIKT
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