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Thread: Surprise Visit..Canadain style

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    Surprise Visit..Canadain style

    well if i had not chkd email Thursday am i wouldnt have known i had company coming sat.. so it was a mad dash to get them in and the make plans to be at jimmys for supper later than normal.. which the Canadians showed up at 5.45 and supper was to be at 6pm. so we were still 30 mins away. well we let the get set down and asked them what there preference was.. they opted to go get some vittles at jimmy's and sample some of his micro brews.. we got there and the meat was late in getting done so we were in time for visit time and sample hour.. then the fine food came out and we all had a great time at jimmys watching the bon fire and eating and sampling jimmy's fine work..then we came back here to let them get some rest and fed them some breakfast and showed them the shop in the dirty state.. and helped teach a Canadian how to hold equipment on a trailer.. but we didnt get wet this time, and i kep track of all the tools he used to put them back where they belong so here is proof that we had Peter and Debbie Rideout for the wknd.. another great visit from some woodworking friends that threw the internet we have been blessed to be able to get to know them.. thanks for coming peter, and welcome anytime..
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ID:	75406 Jimmies is Tom Niemi's son and he made the BBQ and micro brews,
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    Don't you just love it?

    Some say the land of milk and honey; others say the land of fruits and nuts. All together my sort of heaven.

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    Carol Reed

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    yup those who dont have the opportunity, cant imagine the enjoyment of like spirits doing things together for short visits.. life is good
    If in Doubt, Build it Stout!
    One hand washes the other!
    Don't put off today till tomorrow!

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    Sounds like y'all had a good time!
    It's not what you achieve in life...It's what you overcome!

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    Congratulations! It's always great to have friends visit!

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    Yet another great Family visit for The Ambassador! Looks like you had a good time.
    Bill Arnold
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    Looks like good times
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    That fellow Peter sure gets around, and is always welcome at our house too!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carol Reed View Post
    Don't you just love it?
    I do. Family visit are great!
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    Always great to convert a stranger into a friend!
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