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Thread: My Basement Shop

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    My Basement Shop

    Hi folks,

    I've been lurking a bit in the last month. I just wanted to give you a tour of my shop. Please click on this link:
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    Super looking shop. Very nicely arranged and looks like you have it very well equipped! How about some pics of your projects?


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    Hi Greg,

    Thank you. I was just uploading project pics to the same album set.

    Thanks for looking,


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    Very nice projects... You obviously have the bandsaw technique down pat!

    The "Leg" steps are interesting... I have "borrowed" some of the pics for future reference, OK?

    Thanks for posting these.

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    Hi Tom, welcome to the family!

    Nice shop you have there, cramped, but a great use of space!

    Nice work as well!!

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    You turn out some nice work from a very limited space. Well arranged and, obviously, well used. Glad to see the lathe. That makes you one of 'us'.

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    Thanks guys. It's a cramped little shop and has seen 4 or 5 revisions in order to maximize space. Probably the two single best things I did was to make the outfeed table coplanar to the tablesaw and thus making a bench surface. The excal guard swings up to the ceiling out of the way, freeing up that surface for some assembly. I had a larger bench in there for a few years that gave me fits because I had about 2 feet between it and my jointer. I had to leave the shop to take a breath. I didn't have room to be able to build a bench in there so getting the Veritas one freed up a ton of room, plus it's WAY more versatile than the last one. Now that I have it, I will probably make that oufeed table into a sturdy tressel leg bench, for no reason other than fun.

    The planar and jointer nestled under the tablesaw was due to neccessity because even with mobile bases, I had nowhere to put the jointer and that planar is heavy. I didn't want to have to dig it off a shelf or out of a cabinet. I've really found that if the tool is accessible, then I'll use it. If I have to dig it out of a cabinet, I'm inclined to go watch TV.

    Oh, the overall square shop dimension is 16'x12', but 10 feet up the bench wall, the shop takes a 45 degree turn towards the door to accomodate a hallway to my furnace room.

    Where the lathe is seems a tad cramped, but it really works pretty good there. I have just enough room to swing that big bowl gouge around without worrying about hitting anything with it...about 4mm of clearance if I'm really swinging it wildly.

    Anyway, fun hobby, fun shop and I'm really enjoying this site.


    Oh, and Greg, of course you can "borrow" those. Those bracket feet are fun to make. My only quibble with my technique was holding the the foot on the bandsaw table safely. The first contour is easy because the second half of the foot rides flat on the table. With the second contour, I used a piece of MDF to give me a bigger footprint. In future, I'll use a larger "block" of scrap and probably secure it with some turners tape. I was uneasy with that particular setup, but forged on anyway. Thanks for looking.

    Tom in Canada
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    Very nice shop, Thomas. You did great work organizing it. Hey, you even found a place for a TV.
    Maybe the impression I got from the pics is wrong but I think that another (Fluorescent) lamp directly above the workbench would be nice to have.



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    Christian, you're bang on about the light over the bench. It's the next addition. Just for fun, I did a vlog / podcast shoptour. If anyone is interested. My apologies in that it's about 20 minutes long. So get a beverage.

    Video Shop Tour

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    Hi Thomas!



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