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Thread: Wanting to Do Some Threading !

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    Wanting to Do Some Threading !

    I am thinking about learning how to do a threaded lid and dont know a thing about it. Does someone know of some good links with the easiest methods and opinions on what tools/ best overall thread size to use and the best place for the best price??? Thanks !!!!
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    Here's one link that I found helpful.
    I take it you did mean chasing threads by hand. Can't remember for sure where I bought my chasers, but the brand is Ashley Isles...I think. Another way of threading is with a threading jig. The nice thing about a jig is you can thread woods that cannot be threaded by hand chasers. Examples would be walnut, cherry, sycamore, maple (hard or soft). If a threading jig is of interest I can show some pics of the one I built.

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    Here is a link to a video by Sorby that explains the process.

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    I think Mike Mahoney has a DVD addressing hand threading. Anything he puts out is great!
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