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Thread: special order pen

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    special order pen

    As a pen, not a world shaker but I really like this. It is a standard 7mm European in Titanium gold. The wood was sent by our own Cav to meet the requirements of a special order. It will be a gift for a doctor who has her office decorated in all green. The wood is stabilized, dyed Buck Eye Burl and is very pretty. The stable materail made it a bit hard but it turned nicely. I was tempted to not put any finish on at all but ended up with my usual routine of going through the Micro Mesh grits, three coats of Deft spray laquer with much drying time in between and resanding with the final two grades of MM and then my trusty wool blanket. Over all that I put a final sparkle on with Trade Secret Wax auto polish. I got a decent price for this, partly because I explained to the client that I now only use Titanium platings (or equivalent in silver colors). On a side note: I tried to upgrade my customer to a Jr. Gent, or Gent as his sweetie is an upscale type person. But he couldn't be budged, he likes the European style. Don't argue with the customer. I have a feeling he, or she, will be ordering something more upscale in the future.
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    That's a beautiful pen Frank. I like the looks of the Jr. Gentlemen too but I've grown to like the Barons from Arizona Sillouette too.
    They have a bright copper Baron that makes a pretty flashy looking pen.

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    That's cool Frank! I would have thought the material was acrylic. That really looks good!

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    Very nice pen, Frank. Your finish routine sure looks like a winner on this one. The dyed and stabilized buckeye burl is probably my most popular pen material. (I finish them similarly, except use CA instead of lacquer.) The folks at Arizona Sillouette got me started on the dyed buckeye burl blanks by throwing in a freebie in my first order of pen kits. After that, I tend to always add a few dyed blanks to the shopping list. (And they still always toss in another nice blank as a freebie.) The finished pens seem to sell real well, too.
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    OOOHHHHH Frank that is a pretty one. I really like it. Nice job.
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    I think your customer will really like that pen, I know I would. Very nice job

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