I was poking around and found a copy of the original drawings for this bed which were made for the Texas State Parks Board in 1936. This bed was to be built for cabins at Mother Neff State Park. It still needs a bit of detailing but it is mostly complete. I think I made the turned grooves on the legs a bit too deep so I might redo them. The originals were to be built in walnut.

Interesting project. If I had to work in the shop from the original drawings I think there'd be a pile of firewood in the corner. I found a number of places where dimensions don't jibe. In the upper right corner a detail shows the legs as 2-5/8" square and on the lower left corner it shows them as 2-1/2 in. square.

The side rails look really tall to me. The combined height is 11" and the bottom edge is 12 in. off the floor. The box spring sits on inner rails 6" below the tops of the side rails. Maybe these beds were high to keep the rattlesnakes out.