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Thread: Router Bit Carbide Failure - One Scary UFO

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    Router Bit Carbide Failure - One Scary UFO

    So on Saturday I bought a brand new 1/2" shank Whiteside rabbetting bit set. It didn't disappoint, and the first 8 operations went flawlessly. It easily handled a very heavy cut using a medium duty hand-held router. Of course, the cut quality was great as well. On the 9th operation I had to make a climb cut, and suddenly a chunk of wood broke free and my router became a wood chipper. The router hardly kicked, and suddenly the wood was starting to burn. It took me a few minutes before I actually looked at the bit. To my horror a full width chunk of carbide was completely gone! My cut had been controlled, not too heavy as it was a climb cut, and there was no foreign object in the wood. After further examination I decided it had to be a defect in the carbide, because half of the cutter blade looked like broken carbide, and the other half was dark, semi-shiny and smooth (which didn't look like normal broken carbide).

    Any one else have this happen before? With Whiteside?

    Luckily I didn't get hit by the flying piece, and the workpiece was fully intact as well. I returned the bit for a new one, but my next pass I made while wearing a face shield.

    - Hutch
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    let us know what white side says about why hutch? i know they stand behind there stuff and you have connections as well.. but that is real strange that a new bit would do that.
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    I sent a bit to Whiteside just to help them diagnose the problem. They sent me a new bit. I was using a very dainty keyhole bit but that rabbet is a different matter.
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    Wowsers, that had the potential to be really ugly. Curious to see what Whiteside says about the failure.
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    BTDT - but with a JESADA (Remember them?) bit about 15 years ago. The bit was in a router table, and the loose carbide embedded itself in the back of the fence. Router - now out of balance - begin immediate vibration/shuddering. Shutdown was uneventful, other than my needing an immediate trip to the head...

    Carlo Venditto replaced the bit, and asked for the broken one to investigate further.
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    I was in a hurry so I didn't send it to Whiteside. I exchanged for a new one at our local Woodcraft (where I bought it), cuz I needed to get back to work. Due to the way corporate Woodcraft handles miscellaneous defective products I doubt I would be able to get it sent to Whiteside for diagnosis. But I think I will talk to the managers and see if they can send it in. I will let you know if I am able to get an answer to the problem.

    - Hutch

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    Scary. That could have resulted in a super serious injury. Glad you are OK.
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    Good cautionary tale. Glad you're OK.

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