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Thread: Adirondack Chair(s)

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    Adirondack Chair(s)

    Well. I finished assembling one of the chairs today... Not happy With the back slats as they sit now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    So I may just cut some more later this week.
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    I gotta agree, Ned. The lengths of the back slats look uneven, and I think having equal spaces between each slat would also look better. I do like the way you incorporated the tree silhouette, though.

    Have you considered trimming the ends of the back slats after everything is assembled? Seems it'd be pretty easy to draw a curve on the back and trim the ends with a jigsaw.
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    I echo everything Vaughn stated. The tree design is cool. And I would never attempt that curve until slats were installed.

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    I agree with Vaughn and Jon. Could you make the back slats a little wider ??

    The rest of the chair looks great
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    Yep, fourth for reworking the back. Love the tree.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Southwood View Post
    Yep, fourth for reworking the back. Love the tree.
    fith for tree and suggestions.. that tree is sharp!
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    Ditto on the tree. The slats would look better if they came together at their base, then spread as you have them, whether they're wider or narrower.
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    Im sure they are comfortable, I see the seat has a nice curve in it, and it looks like the back has enough angle.

    the second picture, it looks like the end slats are higher than all the middle slats. 98% of the Adirondack plans Ive looked at, always have the center slats higher and tapered down to the end slats.

    if you care to look at the plans I use, not suggesting you redo the chairs, just want to show you the difference, pm me your email and Ill send the plans to you.
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    Here's one I made a few years ago. It might give you an idea about the curve and base. Ignore the bird poo!

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've made a few of these. I like the grain on trhe arms here, and I love your pine tree motif in the centre. I would never have thought of that. You might try making the slats more vertical, or tapering them slightly and crowding them a little more. Nice work! How are you going to finish them?

    By the way, these are Muskoka chairs, at least in Ontario.

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