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Thread: Who is this guy???

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    Who is this guy???

    Hi Dave
    "Special thanks to Dave Richards for sending in these renderings of the jig. He says by email: "I had to sketch it out in SketchUp because I was sure I was missing something. It wasn't immediately clear why you have that stop on the right end of the miter gauge fence but after drawing it, it makes sense."

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    Boy that is a cool jig, and boy Dave are you getting around
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    Very cool, Dave. Congrats on getting some ink.
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    Thanks guys. It was fun to see those images posted there. I couldn't quite understand the jig Matt Berger was so excited about so I quickly drew out what I saw in SU to see how it works. I wrote Matt to tell him I thought his simple jig to be ingenuous and mentioned the SU thing. He asked for the sketch. I had to redo the sketch because I hadn't kept it.

    Matt's jig only works for 45 cuts and if the end of the board is perfectly square to the sides but it's pretty cool.


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