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Thread: Who Says the Desert Doesn't Have Beauty?

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    Who Says the Desert Doesn't Have Beauty?

    Just took these today. These are in my cactus garden I started a couple years ago. I rescued the cactus from where vineyards are being planted behind my place. You have to watch because each bloom only lasts one day.
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    not me anymore!!! after we took the tour in 2010 we got the best look at desert i have ever had,, the catus were in bloom and the other wild flowers were as well, couldnt have timed it any better.. didnt know the blossoms only last a day, out her the prickly pear catus blossoms last longer than a day. but for a ugly plant they sur do have dainty blossoms
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    Fantastic pics Paul! Put me in the 'Desert is beautiful' camp as well. Sometimes you just have to look a little harder...
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    Those are great pics, Paul. It's amazing to see the different colors that can be found in the desert

    Not everyone would agree that cactus is beautiful, though...take this guy, for example:

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    I am an original Desert Rat. Love the desert. Still waiting for my potted cactus to bloom (we don't get too many prickly kinds up here in the high desert). Enjoyed the pics

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