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Thread: Connections - Long Range Rifle Shooting - Woodworking - Did You Know

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    Connections - Long Range Rifle Shooting - Woodworking - Did You Know

    I love connections. I am an NRA High Power Long Range Shooter and have had the chance to watch some of the US Shooting Team in action.

    Turns out Shiraz Balolia - Grizzly CEO also just happens to be the U.S. F-Class Open Shooting Team Captain.

    On a good day I bet he can keep all shots in a 6 - 10 inch circle at 600 - 1200 yards.

    Other days he sells green tools to us wood and metal workers.

    [URL=""]Shiraz in action at 800 yards

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    I was aware of Shiraz's hobby.

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    Boy did I enjoy that. Brought back great memories of the shooting range in the Corps. We didn't shoot that far but the routine was almost the same. It was just as much fun "pulling butts" as it was shooting. now that was over 40 years ago but I think running the targets was called pulling butts.

    Thanks for sharing that.
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    thanks pete for the show.. now we know what you did when you done the targets
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    Well, I was not aware of Shiraz's hobby, but it sure looks like he enjoys it! Quite a range of talent from creating a major corporation to building great looking guitars to being a shooting champion!
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    He also makes some very fancy looking guitars. Quite a guy.
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    I didn't watch the video earlier. I just did!

    I'd hate to have him armed and angry at me!

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    I can't even see 800 yards.

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    Impressive to say the least! I used to talk to Bill Wylde and some of the across the course guys a good bit, was a member of the F-list, a little mailing group based in OZ. Mighty impressive what they can do with a scope or iron sights. One thing I found curious, they don't seem to directly correct for the vertical component in a wind, more of a bullet went here, need a click up. When there is a significant change in crosswind do they usually correct for vertical also or only after it is revealed by bullet placement?

    I shot more point blank, short range benchrest out to three hundred. I can't lay prone. Accurate rifles are fun, accurate pistols too!


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    Quote Originally Posted by Ted Calver View Post
    I can't even see 800 yards.
    You and me both, brother. You and me both.

    I've hit a clay pigeon at 300 yards, but I couldn't even see it (bright orange) without a scope.
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