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Thread: One Week

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    One Week

    One week. That's how long it's been since I've had a cigarette. After smoking between one and two packs a day for the past 40 years, this is the second longest I've ever gone without one. (I didn't have a smoke for two weeks when I was in the hospital with a broken back.) I haven't quit cold turkey, though. I switched to an e-cig, so I'm still getting my dose of nicotine, just without the tar and carbon monoxide and other bad stuff in smoke. Now it's just water vapor and nicotine, with a bit of flavoring. They taste better than cigarettes (peach, vanilla, and raspberry are my favorite flavors so far), and still satiate the jonesing for nicotine. Much less expensive, too. Also doesn't upset my stomach like the nicotine gum does. Still probably not 100% healthy, but I'm not coughing up gunk in the morning anymore, and my car no longer smells like an ashtray.
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    Attaboy Vaughn! I've heard a lot of good things about those, and if they can help get rid of the bad stuff, then I say go with them!
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    Congrats Vaughn, quiting is the best thing you can ever do for yourself. Keep it day at a CAN do it!
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    Man that's great,I'm still smoking after 40 years, i know i should try something like that, but boy i've given up all my other bad habbits. Well not if you call BC's, and coke bad habbits. My youngest son did that e cig thing, and he's not smoked in over 2 months now. I just hope he don't start again.
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    Keep it up Vaughn, it CAN be done, January 6, 1990 for me, so if I could, I know YOU can just think on how much money you can spend in your shop with the money saved

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    So that explains the avatar! You can do it. I quit after 35+ years. For some reason I just decided I didn't want to smoke anymore, the time was right and I quit. I have, when I'm RV'n occasionally smoked a pipe or cigar, but it doesn't hook me. My wife still smokes and it has actually helped me stay away from smoking.

    You can do it. It is hard for most but worth it in the long run.
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    Now I understand your current avatar. Keep it up. I can only imagine how difficult it must be.

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    Congrats & keep it going, I've been smoke free since March 4th of this year, and although I've attempted before, this time I'm feeling more committed/confident, does feel good to let go!
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    Good for you Vaughn !!!!!!!!!

    I've been really thinking about it myself. 50 years of a pack of Marlboros a day and I wonder why I have copd
    I quit for 3 years about 12 years ago. I was playing golf with s bunch of old friends after a couple of beers someone lit up a smoke and I headed for the cigarette machine

    I've seen the ecigs at the local Walgreens. I'll give them a try.
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    My wife and I were at a bar recently with some friends and friends of friends. One of them was using one of the ecigs. She had been using them for about a year. Said she could use them even at her desk at work (in a government office) and no one knew, nor was it considered smoking. Also was told by her Dr. that it put her in the non-smoker category. Need to suggest them to the FIL. He gave up smoking after his by-pass surgery, but he was lighting up the last time we went to the bar again.

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