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Thread: Over and Under Shotgun

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    Over and Under Shotgun

    Rollerball pen kit that a customer ordered.
    It is supposed to represent an Over and Under combination rifle/shotgun.
    The cap is blood wood and is supposed to represent a 12 gauge shotgun shell and has an Over & Under shotgun clip.
    The Box Elder Burl barrel is supposed to represent and 30 caliber cartridge.
    The Blood Wood and Box Elder Burl has 8 coats of Med CA and buffed with extra fine steel wool.

    This kit weighs in at an obese 2.40 OZ (64 Grams) with a capped measurement of 6 inches.


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    I'd say you covered both bases nicely, Les.
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    that definitly has alot going on.. someone is gonna be real pleased
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    Nice job on filling the request Les. Never been a fan of two wood pens, but some like 'em!
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    Beautiful pen Les. Really well doen and like the wood combo.
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    Sweet pen.
    Craig Lorence

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