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Thread: It's Friday - 5/24/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday - 5/24/2013 Edition

    Have a lot of leaves to get cleaned up in the back yard, then I'm hoping to get the pool cover off and get it running this weekend. Have some door and drawer fronts to get sanded and finished. Have a new scope to mount on one of my plinkers. Need to go see my nephew's softball game also.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Jarrod has taken off for the mountains to play with guns a camp, Something I did for years.

    Starting tomorrow Rolling Thunder Weekend. Saturday the Local dealership opens at 7AM for coffee and donuts and then hot dogs and burgers , band plays all afternoon and at 6:30 a ride to the wall. Sunday morning @ 8:00 AM 4 K leave from the same dealer to downtown DC.
    I hope to get some good snapshots. Monday is up in the air.

    A few deliverys and and will call it a day when their done.
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    Friday: Work on the keepsake box I've been building. Yeah, my swap box is finished. I've been building a similar box for LOML to keep the peace!

    Saturday: Shop time to work on the bedside table that matches the platform bed I'm building.

    Sunday: Start the day going through the newspaper and preparing brunch. Later, I'll throw something on the grill, then get ready for the Coke 600.
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    my wife took off today and is off through Tuesday, so maybe Ill get her to help me do a second coat of painting in the attic bedroom.
    Moving along there slowly, its too much like a root canal.
    gonna go buy a floor today, weather is miserable up here, 98% all day and night long for 3 straight days, very little rain, just muggy.
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    Working on the electrical service to the Putter Palace today. Supposed to be my day off, but this afternoon I have to make a hospital visit and a rehab hospital visit in Las Vegas. Tomorrow and Sunday are work days for me. Monday I have to preside over a service at the local Memorial Park. Have been adopted as a Marine Chaplain for the occasion. Full color guard, honor guard, bugles, choir, etc. It will be goose-bump raising.

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    Busy today in the shop. Got all the locust for the cross all milled and glued up. Finally got around to cleaning up the shop a bit.
    Working Sat and Sun. It has been raining cats and dogs all week and it forecasted to finally clear up for Monday so I'm sure we will be having some of the kids and grandkids over for a cookout after the parade.
    I picked up about 100bf of cherry the other day and I need to get that planed down. Maybe Sat afternoon after work.
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    I'll be patching cracks and holes in our entry and up the stairs. We (I) took down wallpaper a few weeks ago then other things got in the way of the patch work and painting. Also adding 4ft high faux wainscotting to the entryway. Gotta go get paint and the lumber at lunch today and will get started when I get home. Hope to have the trim painted and all the wall patching done by sunday night. Then painting walls on Monday...we'll see if that all gets done as I have a feeling a BBQ or a beer or two will get in the way, err I hope they do anyway!
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    Tess, Eric, Josh and my nephew and his wife, Micheal and Angie are at my parent's new house insulating the ceilings and putting up the knotty pine ceiling. Hope they are done when I get home! Otherwise, grilling for the crew tonight, splitting wood as weather permits, hauling manure also.

    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake. I'm so far behind, I think I'm in first place!


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    Make the drawer fronts for these and start applying the finish to the carcasses.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Looks like a mostly music weekend…

    Tonight I'm going out to see one of my old bandmates play with his current band. Might sit in with them for a song or two, even though I've never played with them before. (Hey, everybody knows Mustang Sally and Comfortably Numb, right?)

    Saturday I'm delivering and setting up (and eventually tearing down) a PA system for some type of outdoor DJ gig in the parking lot of the University of NM Sports Arena (known as The Pit). A drummer friend of mine runs a sound company on the side; he's playing in Oklahoma this weekend, so I'm helping him out with this gig. (I did something similar for him with a smaller system at the Hyatt Regency Hotel last weekend.) The system I'm supplying is a nice, compact combination of QSC and JBL components, with 2000 watts for the high end and 7200 watts for the subwoofers. It should be a pretty thumping rig. I'm just dealing with the racks and stacks…the DJ is flying in from Denver to handle the music part.

    Sunday I'll be hanging at a local Irish pub with Donohoe and Grimes, the same guys I played with last Tuesday night, although I won't be playing with them this time due to space and volume constraints in this venue.

    Monday, I'm headed to a nearby lake for my first Hobie Cat experience. I'll get to find out if my messed-up back can handle the fun. The owner of the boat is Mike (the "Grimes" part of Donohoe and Grimes) and the other guy going with us is Donnie, the guy who runs the sound company (and who also plays drums with Donohoe and Grimes most of the time, except when he's gigging elsewhere). It's like everybody here is connected in multiple ways, lol.
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