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Thread: My new carry pen!

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    My new carry pen!

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    Marla's feather's on Lazerlinez Liberty SS hardware! Marla is a lady friend of mine from BC who has become well known in the pen turning family for her casting of exotic bird feathers.

    Her significant other describes the feathers like so -- The background feathers are Guinea Hen, Lady Amherst Head Feathers, and Rooster Cape. They are all dyed orange and were purchased that way.

    Blank finishing -- 600 AO grit parallel to the ways, same with 0000 oilfree steelwool. FLITZ metal polish, forward and reverse, then with the ways, after which I rubbed down with Meguiar's PlastX followed up with HUT's Ultra Gloss Plastic Polish.

    An examination under a 10X loupe shows no radial or longitudinal lines remaining!
    Mack C. in Brooklin ON
    It feels great to sell a pen,
    It feels even greater to give one to a friend!

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    Very nice, Mack. Looks kind of like flames.
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    he is one hot pen turner vaughn so it fits
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    Mack that's one sharp looking pen.

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    You're gonna have to carry it Mac. If you set it down it's sure to disappear in a hurry. It's a beauty.

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    thanx for posting it mack, its a real beauty.
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    It's beautiful Mack !!!!!!
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    Wow that is great!

    Must be a real conversation starter when you pull that one out!
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    Beautiful pen Mack. Love the color.
    Bernie W.

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    Now that is what I call a distinctive pen. Almost anyone who sees it is going to ask about it. Your friend's work appears to be as good as yours.

    I have done a tiny bit of casting (about 70 years ago) so I have a little bit of insight into the difficulties involved. One of my treasures from the 60's is a clear cube with a fully seeded dandelion head in it. Myrna gave it to me.

    Thanks for showing and Enjoy,
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