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Thread: Jet 1642 Quill Assembly ?

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    Jet 1642 Quill Assembly ?

    I noticed lately if I back the screw out that tightens the quill assembly that my quill assembly will turn some. I know that screw rides in slot like a key way and I guess that is normal if you back it out too far out of the slot? Am I seeing this right? Its not spinning around or anything like that. Just as soon as I make sure the screw is in some it cant turn.

    I do think is ok but just have never noticed it..
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    My jet 1220 does the same thing. So I just have to be aware of it. That is normal according to Jet so if you have to work on the quill it will come out.
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    What a coincidence. I was looking at some years-old posts on another forum today, one of which was about this very issue - although on a Delta Midi model. The owner removed the locking screw and found that its tip had been rounded over with constant use. After he flattened it on his belt sander, it locked the quill as well as ever. I don't know how similar the two lathes are, but perhaps it's worth a look?

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    My 1642 does the same thing. I just don't loosen the screw that much...just enough for the quill to move freely.
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    I have a 5 year old 1442 that does the same thing... if I loosen the quill lock handle, the quill spindle will rock in the slot just slightly... when I tighten the lock it stops....
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