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Thread: Rust-Oleum Restore

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    Rust-Oleum Restore

    I've got an in-ground pool that the surrounding concrete has gotten several surface cracks over the years. two years ago I used some crack filler/sealer that is a latex with fine sand. It did a good job of filling and keeping the cracks from getting worse, but the color didn't quite match the color of the concrete.

    I was looking at the concrete veneers that they do the stamping on and acid stain it to look like stone, but it's pretty labor intensive and not cheap. I came across the rust-Oleum Restore product and it looks like it may work well for my application on the concrete. Just wondering if anyone has used it before?

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    Darren there is a great 2 part epoxy by systems 3 and you can tone it with powder toners.
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