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Thread: It's Friday! - 5/31/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday! - 5/31/2013 Edition

    Looks like I have a little pipe patching to do on our sump pump drains this weekend. Hoping for a dry enough day to get the lawn cut, but otherwise I have some door and drawer fronts to get sanded and finished (I'm really going to do it this weekend. ). Also need to draw up some plans for a dresser/valet to go outside our master bath.

    What's everyone else got going this weekend?

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    Friday: In the shop for a while today. Pre-finishing some plywood for drawer boxes for my queen platform bed and night stand. Also taping up some veneer for the box I'm making for LOML since the one I recently finished is almost out the door for the swap.

    Saturday: Should be able to get the sides for the box I mentioned above in my vacuum bag to press the veneer. Might also start on the joinery for the drawer boxes I'm building.

    Sunday: The usual routine of fixing brunch, settling in for NASCAR, then maybe throw something on the grill. Speaking of grilling, I finally tried some cedar plank salmon a couple of evenings ago. It was pretty darn good!
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    The daughter's school carnival is tonight...tomorow she has soccer gamesin the morning, then we'll go out the the Principal Charity Classic, Senior golf Tourney that's in town, and then home for some cold ones on the patio while grilling some sort of meat. Sunday, church then to my parents to celebrate a belated 69th birthday for my dad. I don't see any shop time unless I can get a little in before the soccer on tomorrow morning.
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    Deep cleaning my Rendezvous then kicking tires on a couple of Priii, tomorrow is Patrick's Birthday Party (he turned 14 yesterday... ack!), and of course I'm working this weekend. Might get some shop time in tomorrow, doubtful though.

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    Doing a quick re-org of the shop to convert it from 'finishing layout' to 'parts breakdown layout'. Then I will start breaking down parts for the upper section of a kitchen hutch I'd like to finish up.
    I need to get it completed as it's nearly June so, that means its time to start making Christmas gifts .
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    going away, no shop, no sawdust, no sweat
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    finsihed the 50 states cribbage boards in sketchup, going to work on the tri 5's, and other boards. maybe even have some fun too.... lol
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    No firm plans yet other than dinner Saturday with a friend. This might be the weekend when I start the process of turning a red guitar into some other color. (I don't like red guitars, but the one I've been playing the most lately is red. I have the skills to fix that problem.)
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    I think I may be up to trimming along the edges of my lawn (3/4 acre) & then mowing it (???). If the knee holds up, I may even try to weed around the shrubs & flowers. Fun stuff! Amazing how fast the weeds grow when you turn your back on them.
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    Buying the wood and acrylic for my new Shark Tank (CNC Shark cover) and start cutting everything to length.
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