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Thread: Respirator Cartridges

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    Respirator Cartridges

    One of the items I use especially when sanding on the lathe is this half mask respirator. It works good and I have good fresh air. The only thing is the price for the filters or screw on cartridges. They are pricey..Also I am not sure how long I should use one before changing them.. I tried the Trend Airshield Pro a while back and because I have some neck issues it wouldnt work for me.

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    It can be a bit hard to tell Mike. Couple things to think of; using compressed air from the INSIDE of the filter, blow the cartridge out gently. When you get to the point where the exterior stuff no longer blows off...time to toss it! Another thing...always have a new cartridge at hand. Periodically, swap new with old and make note of additional resistance between the two. Notable resistance...time to toss it!
    Hope that helps.
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    As they clog, they don't loose their filtering may even improve due to the dust cake. So if you struggle to pull air through the filters, it's obviously time to change. The idea of having a spare set and comparing the 2 is a good one.

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