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Thread: Wooden wood lathe

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    Wooden wood lathe

    Didn't know if this should go in old tools section or what. Saw this on a craigslist ad, Vaughn any idea of age or value????? What about the rest of you? I think it is super neat and really glad it isn't to close to my home!
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    That is neat and his price is probably reasonable. He could probably readily sell it to Silver Dollar City at twice the price he is asking. He lives less than two hours away. If I were him I would take it there.
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    Wooden wood lathe

    That's cool. I have no idea as to the value, but I suspect a guy into antique tools would jump on it.

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    Ah crap...about 70 miles from me. I have no room. I have no room.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Richard Madden View Post
    Ah crap...about 70 miles from me. I have no room. I have no room.
    You can make room.
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