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Thread: Jonathan Graduates this evening

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    Jonathan Graduates this evening

    My oldest son Jon 30, graduates this evening from a 5 year apprenticeship with the 602 Welding. May not seem amazing to most but Jon has some trails to get past.
    Jon interned with our state senator when he was in 11th grade. Everyday mid day he would take the metro to the Capital building in DC, he wanted an appointment to Annapolis but upon graduation from HS and SAT's he scored 75 points to low to get in.
    So I tell him to go take the Navy test, John scores a 97 ! They tell him he can do anything, nuclear / seals and Jon says EOD. So the week before he is to leave for basic he has a tumor taken off his ankle, it comes back cancerous. He goes on a 5 year waiting list while in treatment and beat the cancer. Doc said 10 years ago we would have taken the leg it's that bad and rare.
    Now Jon loves softball and played on 5 different teams and in the course of 5 years beats his body up. No Seals or EOD for him.
    So one day he walked into a company gets an interview gets a call back and is hired. #1 in his class and tonight he has to give the valedictorian speech, O this should be good .....I told him maybe he should sing a song LOL He got a Black Shelton kind of voice. LOL
    I am so happy for him that he is happy with the feeling of accomplishment. God Bless son.

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    Great news. A long road to a great accomplishment and a bright future.
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    That certainly deserves a congratulation! The shirt is pretty neat also.
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    Shows what hard work, determination, and good character will get you

    Congrats Jon !!!
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    Congrats to Jon, and to you! Well done, both!

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    Congrats to everyone involved.

    And yes, I want that shirt.
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    Here's another "Atta Boy " coming your way, Congrats to you both

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    Man it has been years since I graduated, but from one Jonathan to another, CONGRATULATIONS JONATHAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great fight for life so far, God has plans for you bud so keep on keeping on! Love your sense of humor and shirt!!!!
    God and family, the rest is icing on the cake.

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    Way to go Jon!! Congratulations to you both.

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    well done to all of you guys if i was closer i would attend dave, and buy him a round
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