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Thread: Norm Abram's Deluxe Router Station.....

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    Norm Abram's Deluxe Router Station.....

    Here's my latest project I finished yesterday. Pardon the photos. The wife and I leave on a trip later this week and she has all 3 of her cameras packed. I shot these using my cell phone.

    The carcass is scrap 3/4" red oak plywood trimmed out in white oak. Both were left over from previous projects. The top is doubled, screwed and glued 3/4" MDF for a final thickness of 1 1/2". The top and the working face of the fence was laminated with formica. Instead of using T-slots, I chose to install T-track. Inset is a Woodpecker's PRL-V2 and a PC 7518, 3 1/4hp router. Dust collection is done above and below the table top.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's not my best work but it's been a learning experience and will serve me well for years to come!
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    Sweet Ken that is a great setup and with the woodpecker lift it is perfect

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    Pretty slick Ken. It looks like it will handle anything you throw at it....very nice.

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    That is a great looking cabinet Ken, well done!

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    Looks great Ken!
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    good job fitz, your shop looks alot more organized since the last time i was there if norm gets remembered for anything it should be his router table setup many of us followed his ideas for our own..
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    Thanks everybody!

    Larry, if you look behind the router station, you will notice the lumber rack. I was so embarrassed by the condition of my shop when you guys visited, I have done a lot since then to organize it.

    Next up I work with walnut for the first time. I have some 15 year old rough sawn walnut given to me by my oldest son's FIL. I intend on making some jewelry boxes and giving to jos wife and her mother. The jewelry boxes made from the walnut her Dad/her husband gave me. I have never veneered but this will be primarily walnut with birdseye maple veneered top wrapped in an inlay. So I need to learn to veneer for this project.

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    My next shop tools will be 1) Norm's clamp cart and 2) a self designed "shorts or scrap" box that I can use to store small useable pieces of wood. Both device will be mounted on rollers.

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    Very nice work on the router cabinet, Ken!

    Is the clamp cart the A-frame? If so, I modeled one after Norm's and it works great. I set cross members at various locations based on the types of clamps I have.
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    Boy, that is a nice router cabinet setup. Nice work. In my dreams I have a bigger shop so I can have something like that. Coarse in my dreams I am always rich so I added a Incra fence system to it....
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