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Thread: Not Sure I Like

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    Not Sure I Like

    Desert Camo on chrome.
    The bolt handle re-orientated to work like the real thing.
    The clip has also been re-oriented 180 degrees.
    Acrylic Camo sanded to 400x, buffed with extra fine steel wool and polished with Huts Ultra Gloss.


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    ok, send it to me, Ill dispose of it for you.
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    I agree. In keeping with the "Bullet / Rifle" theme, I think brass might be appropriate immediately behind the bullet, as in a brass casing for the copper bullet. I think the Chrome on the bolt action & clip is good! In any event, it's a beautiful piece of work - well done!
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    Looks nice and I'll bet it sells quickly, but I do think desert camo would work better with gunmetal/black titanium hardware.
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    Looks mighty fine to me Les.
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    great pen les but i dont care for chrome either in this combo, brass or gun metal is my call as well
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    in the words of Emmylou, "you never can tell"

    Got to be the odd one I guess. Having seen a ton of nickel plated brass including .308, I have little problem with the chrome or nickel. I don't care for the acrylic, pretty much don't care for acrylic although there are exceptions. Very nice work however and someone else will buy it because they love the acrylic! Sometimes I got an assortment of items to sell at one of my businesses. Often the very thing I thought I would have to discount after most or all other things were sold was among the first to go. Selling puppies, the same story. When making something to sell you have to see what the market likes. A lot of times it won't be what we like best.

    A good thing there is a variety of tastes, it would get tiresome in a hurry making exactly the same thing over and over.


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    I like the desert camo blank, and the hardware is top notch, but put me in the camp that a little darker, like gun metal, might work better.

    Still, a fantastic pan!
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