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Thread: to all of the fathers here

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    to all of the fathers here

    have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Right back at ya Allen now that I have my electrical service back, we can FINLLY start cooking for the group coming in an hour good thing my part is on my grill and been going for hours

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    You too Allen

    Had a great day. The kids got me a Kindle fire HD
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    I be happy if my kids just called
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    Yes, Happy Fathers Day! I've had a great one, my daughter called, My son sent me a nice e-mail. Even more important, my Granddaughter call to wish me a happy day. I have very little contact with her since my son divorced her mother, I keep trying and it brought tears to my eyes when she called. WHAT A GREAT DAY!!! Course she is 16 and wanting a car..... she knows I can't buy her a car.....

    My wife said I could do whatever I wanted today..... Spent the whole day in my little shop, cleaning, finishing my DC baffle, you know, puttering around. She also said I could go out to dinner or she was going to fix stuffed peppers. Now which do you think I chose! She is in the kitchen right now.....

    WHAT A GREAT DAY! Hope all you fathers had one as good!
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    I was a bit shocked today.

    My kids brought me a great gift(Im sure my wife had her hands in it also)

    First my son handed me a new Ipad, because he knows I hate travelling all over with my old laptop.

    then he told me hes bringing my new Iphone to me Tuesday, the carrier messed up and he had to get another phone.

    I finally moved into the 21st century. Probably take me 15 years or so to figure out how to best use both of them, as Im still trying to figure out how to load music into my truck, been 4 and a half years since I got the truck.

    Brent-sorry man, I forgot all about the oovoo tryout today, a lot of people here, and I had to bbq for all of them(my bil did a lot of cooking also)
    Maybe sometime this week?
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    We never were blessed with kids, but some have called me a mother ...hope you all enjoyed your day!
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    I had an awesome weekend.
    Meet up with an old HS friend and 4 other guys for a ride up into Pa near Altoona. One of the guys gave me permission to hunt his property in Damascus for deer or turkey. But I'm thinking of Wounded Warrers. It's a great piece for any guys in a wheel chair of confined to the car or truck. The ride was about 160 miles up and Saturday took another 130 mile ride through the valleys and over the mountains. I had to step out of my comfort zone and crank up the throttle. I'm still a bit apprehensive after my accident last year but all was great. I got a lot of good practice in on twisty mountain roads with seasoned riders LOL I was kept in the middle of the pack and held my own.
    One th eway up we stopped at Hill Top Bar for dinner which meant ride into camp at dark but it was great.

    When I got home I was able to put in a few hours on the Cat.
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    Well, I at least got a text from my daughter (she had to work all weekend and isn't allowed to have her cell phone on the job). My son is on deployment, so haven't heard from him in a few weeks, but I spent the day smoking some spare ribs I got on sale Saturday. I did a good pool cleaning and spent a little time in it. I then spent the rest of the day putting finish on doors/drawer fronts and spraying weeds around the yard/pool area.

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    My wife and and her sister decided to go to Costco to buy some salmon steaks and skirt steaks.

    While I didn't eat any salmon, it passed everyones approval, but the steak they bought was horrible.

    I told her 3 times go to the butcher, pay the extra dough, I only eat steak once every 3-4 weeks, I want to enjoy it.

    but its her world, I only live in it.

    so I spent over 2 hours over the hot grill, on fathers day, with my BIL(he loves to cook), and my main course was pretty cruddy.

    I don't know what kind of meat they bought, but it wasn't like any skirt steak Ive ever seen.

    Penny wise pound foolish.

    Ill buy my own meat from now on thankyou very much.

    But I still need her, Im taking her out to lunch in 20 minutes. Shes lucky shes cute.
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