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Thread: We're back to normal

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    We're back to normal

    now, but Friday wasn't a good day.

    I had a stress test at the local clinic... I had complained to the doctor about getting short of breath and sometimes having to physically draw air into my lungs.... I figured she would look into breathing problems, but decided I needed a stress test first.

    All went well on that, I did the treadmill and reach the prescribed heart rate... got a little winded and was breathing hard when I finished, but otherwise seemed normal.

    The nurse sat me down to take EKG readings and oxygen intake readings... I went into a rapid heart beat for a couple of minutes... evidently it was enough that the nurse got concerned and started calling for a doctor to come down to the lab and tried to reach my doctor, then started throwing things out of a cabinet onto the top... I guess getting ready in case I needed emergency or medical treatment.... the doctor (not mine) showed up in about 3 or 4 minutes, but by the time he got there I had already dropped out of the rapid heart beat and they released me and sent me home.

    On the way home, I had another little short bout and decided to turn the driving over to my wife. Keep in mind she has diabetes and has some trouble with her vision and hasn't driven for over 3 years... don't know what was worse, the stress of the heart beat or the stress of riding shotgun with the wife.... but we made it home... about 45 miles from the doctor's to our house, part of which are on very crooked back country roads. But by the time I got home, I was exhausted from whatever I was going through... think I slept the rest of the afternoon and then went to bed early. Saturday morning I felt normal and still feel good... waiting now to hear from my doctor to see if she's going to want to seem me this week..
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    hope all goes well for you chuck. keep us posted.
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    Glad you're feeling better, take care of yourself.

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    Chuck I'm glad you made it back safely & "appear" to be OK for now??? However, I have to ask why didn't you turn around & head back to the doctor's office when the symptoms returned? Things could have gone south quickly on a desolate back country road.
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    I'm glad you seem better now, but don't take any chances! Believe me, it's better to be thorough now and get a good diagnosis. Good luck!!!
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