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Thread: Phase III dresser the build

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    Phase III dresser the build

    Well I finally got busy on the dresser. I was going to use solid walnut 8/4 stock for the legs but when I got the price at $750 plus for what I needed I decided on an alternative. I picked up a 4" x 4" x 102" long and I re-sawed that. I got 37 pieces total. 19 pieces 53-1/2" long and 18 pieces 48-1/2" long. I also used 4 x 4 doug fir I got at lowes for the core of the legs. So for $185 I got all eight legs fabricated and looking the way I wanted them to.
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    Wow! Those look nice, great job on book matching all of it.


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    Looken good Alan
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    Wow is right. Looking forward to following along...
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    gonna be a nice build to follow. thanx for sharing it.
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    you sure know how to make wood work for you alan.. and the uniformity of that resaw work if great..
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    Great job
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    Wonderful work Alan. Did you use a bag for the curved portions or cauls?
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    Alan, you just keep on amazing me. If I did half the work you do with half the quality, my head would be so big I couldn't get through doors.

    I'll be riding along watching what you do.

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    well its becoming cliche' but.... WOW! Nice legs Alan!!
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