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Thread: Clamping Cauls

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    Clamping Cauls


    I have been looking around for a set. The Woodpeckers have been retired.
    I have a CNC mill and decided that I am going to make mine. If there is some interest, I would be willing to make a few sets at cost for members here.
    I have to measure my machine I think the X travel is 46 inches, so that would be a limitation, not a biggie but a need to know for you.
    I was thinking aluminum, but will take suggestions on alternate materials. I will base the cost on getting it from McMaster Carr so all can see what the price should be. If there is enough interest I would try to get stock from somewhere cheaper. I am in Cleveland, Ohio and there are lots of suppliers for such material. You would have to pay your own shipping of course. And we could all settle on the correct final dimensions for the cauls. Probably a can of worms, but who knows, it might be a good thing too.

    Let me know.


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    before you get to involved in making your own take a look at bowclamp products, they are made from maple and are fair priced.. sometimes it doesnt make sense to reinvent the wheel they can be gotten from lee valley tools or from the maker directly..
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    A generous offer but, I agree with Larry. I wouldn't pay the fair price for the Woodpeckers product as it was out of scope for my shop. Bowclamps are closer but, I make my own from scraps so that price is hard to beat. For those who don't have hard rock maple laying around, Bowclamps is the way I would go. Again, I applaud the offer and hope those that want to go this route will take you up on it. If you get enough folks on board, economies of scale could really help out.
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    I looked around and didn't find any, I'll check them out.



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    Check it out Here

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    Thanks All for the advice. I bought a set.



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