The polls are now officially closed, and the winners have been decided.

In short, the proposed Forum Constitution, the Forum Rules and Code of Conduct, and the Moderator Rules and Procedures were all approved by those who voted, and we have a few new moderators to add to the existing crew of seasoned veterans. We'll get things set up for the new staff before the end of the weekend, and get them a bit acquainted with their new jobs.

The new moderator crew, in order of volunteering to be elected:

1. Matt Dunlap

2. Cecil Arnold

3. Tod Evans

4. Jeff Horton

5. Steve Ash

6. Steve Clardy

7. Joe Blankshain

8. Robert (Shaz) Schaubhut

9. Stuart Ablett

10. Dave Richards

Stay tuned registered looks like we'll be having a new referendum soon to tweak the CoC a little. More news on this in a day or two.

Thanks for helping to guide the direction of this forum -

The Family Woodworking Staff