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Thread: crawl space encapsulation

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    crawl space encapsulation

    My neighbor had this done and seems to be pleased with it. I actually hadn't heard much about it and wondered what the opinions, knowledge and impressions of the process of the Family members are. The system he used is Americrawl. You can see it here:

    All input will be appreciated. I haven't been here or in the shop much in the last year and a half or so. Family, health and other issues are hopefully on the upswing now and I hope to be back here and in the shop by September.


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    I've done something similar here in Japan in old apartment houses, but they have dirt below the floors.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    This is before

    Click image for larger version. 

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    And after.

    It sure makes a difference in the humidity in the aparto and I'm sure it also cut down the mold etc too.

    Other than that I cannot add any info about the specific product you are showing, but it sure seems like a good idea to me.

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    A good plastic ground cover will make a huge difference. Stu's install is better than most I see but even with some small gaps in it, it will make a huge difference in the humidity levels. Good ventilation is just as important.

    I am a Home Inspector and I have crawled in way more crawl spaces then I ever wanted too and the problems I have seen that are not from water leaks are rare. If there is a problem it is almost always caused by a water leak. Second issue that causes problems and much less common, is ventilation issues. Or rather lack of. A corner that doesn't have good air flow. An addition that isn't vented well or open to the old part of the house.

    From what I have seen, unless you have a problem I wouldn't spend the money. If you do have a problem, make sure that there is proper ventilation, it is not blocked and your ground cover is in good shape without large gaps. Only then would I consider it. But I would appreciate if have it done and I had to inspect your house. It would make my job a heck of like more pleasent!
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