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Thread: maybe I should call this #17?

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    maybe I should call this #17?

    As much to test my sawnhorse lathe stand as anything I put a massive piece of heart oak on it, more than I will try again. twenty-seven pounds and just barely squeaked past the lathe ways. Whittled out this bowl trying a few new techniques and a bit of early warpage so it isn't perfect. Still by far the largest I have attempted and a decent plain jane bowl. I seem to curse every piece I threaten to sign but this one could be the first I sign. Maybe I should go back and sign a few dead ones to get past this jinx?

    Anyway, here it is, twelve and a half by almost five if I remember right, of course the wet oak is still moving around a lot. A little spalting in the sapwood and some worm/bug holes along with some extra warpage around the knots to add a little character. I'll do a little more to the recess before signing but a hand whittled dome is coming along fairly nicely.

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    That'll hold some m&m's Hu...looks good!
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    Very very nice and I agree M&M's!
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    Y'all are cruel!

    I'm sitting here drooling just thinking of all the dark chocolate m&m's of every variety that bowl would hold! A twenty-five mile and change ride to go buy m&m's and that is all I can think about now.


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