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Thread: Back from Reno...back in the shop

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    Back from Reno...back in the shop

    As it heats up...108 Saturday, 110 Sunday I'm gettjng busy early! Received an order from Beartooth Woods and this was a freebie. If it's's Staceys. Sierra on inlace (yuck). Tube is painted silver. The other blank is painted black but not turned yet. I'll do a side by side Saturday.

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    Yeah, The BW was timed pretty good. Going to be bumping up against 100 this weekend here as well.

    What you get, we generally get about a day later...
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    Interesting looking blank Jim.
    Well done.

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    Very nice, Jim. And yeah, SoCal is seeing a similar rise in temps. Supposed to be over 100 here this weekend. I picked a great time to empty the storage locker, huh?
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