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Thread: Don't Think This is Gonna Buff Out

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    Don't Think This is Gonna Buff Out

    My 83 year old dad ran into a bit of car trouble today on his way to Santa Fe to look at a jobsite...

    Stick a fork in's done. That used to be a 1988 Mustang convertible. Now it's a carbeque. Dad won the car new as a door prize at an engineering convention he attended 25 years ago this month. (The license plate has always said DORPRZ, even for the few years in was registered in Nevada). It started running funky just before he got into Santa Fe this morning, and once he got into town he spotted smoke coming from under the hood. He ditched it in the left turn lane of an intersection and called 911, but by the time the firefighters got there it was fully involved. Fortunately, he was unharmed, but he was bummed because he lost his favorite hard hat in the trunk. It had many years worth of collected jobsite and project stickers.
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    What a bummer! I remember you talking about that car at Burning Wood!
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    That really stinks. Glad your Dad is OK.
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    Dang you are a task master, making your 83 year old dad still work! Glad he is wise enough to get it off the road and get out in time. Sorry about the helmet, but glad that is the worst besides the car. Check and see if there are any recalls on this car that maybe could have caused this. Give dad a big hug and an "atta boy" from me for being out there and active!

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    That's got to suck ! Good to see your pop's is still making good time.
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    Yes, that's great your Dad is OK!
    Hot topic add-on .... I was at a donut-chain/gas-station 10-15 yrs or so ago{getting a coffee to go} and as I started my truck to leave I noticed a plume of smoke roll out from the hood. I popped the hood and dang near lost my facial hair with the flames that shot out to greet me. So I ran back inside the station asking for an extinguisher, and the manager looks at me dumbfoundedly and asks, 'why do I want his extinguisher?' Luckily one of his gals working behind the counter handed one to me at the same moment his question was asked.... I only lost the cost of a replacement carb gasket & thorough cleaning, but it sure was a heart-rate boosting few moments. Again, glad yer Pop is OK!

    Maybe there's a few photo's around of your Dad's hard hat that with the help of photoshop or the like could make a replicate, or a frame with the photo{s} & salvaged license plate as a memento of sort.........just blabbering, this is early morning for me today
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vaughn McMillan View Post
    My 83 year old dad ran into a bit of car trouble today
    "a bit"

    Glad he's okay! Hmm, what kind of convertible will he get now....
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    Your Dad has been around awhile, so he will feel bad about the hat and car, but he knows they are only "things". The important part is he is okay. Won the car, right there he experienced something the vast majority of us have not.
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    glad he is ok, vaughn. and you might be able to replicate the hard hat but you couldnt replicate him or his memories
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    WOW!!! No one wants to have that happen. Glad your dad is OK. We'll be waiting to see his new "WHEELS".

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