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Thread: Well not exactly new

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    Well not exactly new

    But our local Ace hardware closed this week. I had stopped to get something else and noticed these on their 50% off the red tag price table.
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    I hadn't thrown out my Dewalt 12 volt yet. Not sure if the $32 (for both) was still worth spending, but I always liked this drill, has much more torque than my newer ones, so I hopefully will get another year or so out of it.
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    Worth a shot!
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    Definitely worth a shot. I picked up some 9.6v batts and a charger on clearance for an old DeWalt that I really liked. Between those extra batts and a rebuild of two more (back when the low cost really made sense), I got another couple of years out of it. Besides, after milking that much borrowed time out of an older tool, I felt better buying a new one later on ;-)
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    Wish I could find a deal like that for my 14.4V. The batteries are dying again. I'm on my second set since I bought it several years ago. The decision becomes, with the price of batteries, do I replace them or buy a new drill with the Lithium batteries. I have heard so much about how much better the lithium are. Shopping the internet I ran across a littler 12V lithium battery one on sale. I don't do heavy construction type stuff often, mainly use it in my woodworking in the shop so I thought, try it. I love this little guy. For my work, it is perfect. Smaller, lighter, gets into places to drill or put screws in I never could before. More than adequate power. Now if the batteries live up to their reputation, I will be one happy camper. I wish they would come up with an adapter to put the lithium batteries on the older ones. Seems to me it should be possible. I still am faced with what to do with the bigger drill.

    You got a good deal, I'm sure you won't be sorry.
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    I have that little DeWalt 12V also. Love it! Small and light weight. Strong brute, though.

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