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Thread: Selling Stuff, But Questions First

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    Selling Stuff, But Questions First

    In another thread, I said I was researching the Incra TS system and was considering a new table saw with riving knife. Well, talk about timing! I got a coupon from Grizzly for 10% off my next order. I had already narrowed my decision to the G0690 and the coupon makes it an even better deal.

    I'll be selling my Jet JTAS10-L 3hp, left-tilting table saw that I bought in 2002, if I remember correctly. I want to get a fair price for it, since it's in great shape but I also want it out the door. I also have a mobile base for it but I no longer have the long extension table that held the router setup.

    So, here are the questions:

    Is $600 about right for the saw? Would you ask more/less?

    The mobile base was about $130 new as I recall and I'm thinking $60 might be about right for it. What do you think?

    Thanks for your input.
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    I see comparables going for 700-900 locally - looks similar around you - $900 for a similar 50" version.

    I might ask about $100-200 more than I expected to get so you have some room to give someone a "deal' (yeah silly but it seems to make people happy and I've had better luck selling stuff when I had room to negotiate - as a buyer I feel just the opposite but I'm not normal I don't think..). If you offered it at $750 and were willing to sell for $600 I think it should sell fairly quick.

    The base at 50% of new is perfectly fair.

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