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Thread: And Bad Words Were Said

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    And Bad Words Were Said

    As some of you might remember from this thread, I've been in the process of refinishing an electric guitar. Unhappy with the first attempt, I sanded it back and have been re-applying the finish in my spare time here in LA. (I'm back in LA for a few weeks to handle some house stuff.) Things were going well...I got the primer and glitter paint coats down, and was well into my third can of spray lacquer clear coat, when I did something dumb.

    Since I don't really have a good spot to spray something this size in my garage/shop, I've been hanging it at the from edge of the overhead door opening with a coat hanger wire from the axle-like part of the garage door where the coiled spring goes. Last night as I was getting ready to go to dinner with the wife, I hit the door close button, then immediately remembered I had the guitar body hanging. Before I could hit the button to stop the door, the body came crashing down onto the concrete floor. I'm sure I said a few things that cannot be repeated here. (And I'm not sure why I was saying some of that stuff, especially talking about the guitar's mother and all.)

    Anyway, it looks like it's time to strip it all off again and try one more time to get this thing finished. I did manage to glue the broken piece back onto place, but some of the chipped areas go down to bare wood, and about the only way to get a smooth finish will be to take it all back to the wood and start again. (And the factory red paint job is very thick...I'm thinking a heat gun may be the ticket for stripping it.) If I had the time and materials, I'd consider just making a new hardwood body and finishing it clear, but I have neither the time or the wood to do that right now.
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    That's a shame, Vaughn. But, from now on, only good thoughts!
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    Really a shame.. I am sure we have all had a few of those ah SHoot.. moments.
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    I've certainly done worse but it never gets any better

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    Big time bummer!

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    Re: And Bad Words Were Said

    Ouch! Can you fill them with bondo or another filler?

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    I could hear you all the way from my shop

    And I thought I was the only one who did dumb stuff like that
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    And it was just starting to look really, uh, Purple!

    Dang that's a shame to go to all that work.
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    Wow big bummer Vaughn. It was looking good.
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    just ship it to dave and he will make it right
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