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Thread: FRIDAY!

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    Worked yesterday, 4th or not. In addition to visits and other duties, it was my honor to offer the invocation at the park's potluck last night. Good eats. No smoked shrimp boats or ABT's but hey! No smoker yet. Took deviled eggs instead. They disappeared in a flash. They always do. Today is my day off! Working in the Putter Palace this morning. Shouldn't hit 100º until noon today. On the to-do board is putting up outlets and running some wire. Nap this afternoon. Yea! And of course I work weekends. LOL! Barely breaking dawn. Gotta go play.

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    I forgot to take today off from I'm doing the work of 3 least it's slow do to the holiday. Had my parents and my MIL over last night for brats, potato salad and beans. Then to fireworks. Tonight we go to some friends for more of the same, sans the kid. She is getting an early bday present of a spend over at grandma's house! Saturday I'm cutting up a bunch of maple I grabbed from the curb this week along with some walnut I grabbed a few months ago...hope to relax the rest of the weekend.

    Carol, I too plan to nap this afternoon...there's room under my desk!
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    Looks like I might be un-installing my Jet TS today. I had emailed everyone in our woodworking group about selling it and one of the men is interested. I went ahead and pulled the trigger on ordering a G0690 and Incra LS52-TS, so now I need to make room!

    Saturday will be a little shop cleaning and organization. Also might be able to get a little work done on a nightstand I started last year! Then, of course, there's the Daytona race Saturday night.

    Sunday will be a day to let these old bones rest up!

    Why do I need rest??? Here's what I did on the 4th:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    Well this weekend i got a BBQ to go to and i plan on making Brets ABTs for my friends to try out. If they dont eat them i will
    Then i got catch up to do on all sorts of projects and sort out trailer from last weeks jaunt into NY state.

    Also got a woodworking project to get done, have to build a bed before end of July so might be taking a few more days off to get er done. Need to finish a few other shop projects before i can do the bed though. Need power. So that Generator enclosure has to get completed first. Its just been raining so much here and i cannot work in the garage there is just no space. . This spring sure was a wet one and way summer has started i am thinking our climate is leaning towards rain forest of the north not great white north.

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    Work today, work tomorrow, work Sunday.
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    After spending the past week emptying a storage locker and a shed, and then going through mountains of stuff we've had stored, the next step is the yard sale to try to get rid of a bunch of it. That's happening Saturday, and if need be, Sunday as well.

    Shop-wise, I've got three lathe pieces in progress that I intend to finish up in the next few days. I also need to finish stripping/sanding my guitar project so I can get it shipped off to Dave to let him work his magic. Need to get all this finished up in the next few days, because next week is my last one in LA for a while, and I need to shove all the woodworking machines together to make room for the mountains of stuff that aren't getting sold/given away/tossed this weekend.
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    Right now working on a small but much needed project. Making a storage case for my Wicked Edge Knife sharpening system.

    Then I'm planning on redoing my router table a bit and making the doors for the entertainment center, as well as redoing the arch for the top.

    It's fun having a shop I can just go out and work in, without having to rearrange the debris just to get productive. Thanks BW participants for providing the motivation I needed to get it organized!
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    Most of my WW'ing done for the day. Had to cut a couple more pieces for the flag cases, sand them really good and put a first coat of tongue oil on part of them. Also, I had to repair one of my lamps that I made in 2004. The base detached, so I had to sand the base and re-glue. Then I used some brads to make sure it holds together this time. I also got the second coat of tongue oil on the base this morning. Amazing how much the cherry has darkened over the last 9 years. One more coat of tongue oil and then 3 or 4 coats of hand rubbed wax.

    Tomorrow will be much of the same in the hopes I will soon see the finish of these projects.

    Have a good weekend.

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    oh, its Friday? thanx.

    retirement is killing me. too much free time. I try to do so much stuff, my back is always hurting.

    I built a childs Adirondack chair, from 2 boards at start, to finish, in one hour 55 minutes yesterday, its drying presently.

    getting very bored, just don't want to start the cabinets just yet.
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    Looking forward to our daughter Kim visiting with us this weekend. Will be picking her up at the local bus depot at midnight tonight. Haven't been sleeping well of late, so that won't be a problem. We'll be visiting the seacoast with her so the girls can shop. We'll also visit our favorite lake: Lake Winnipesaukee at Wolfeboro, NH.
    Continuing to rearrange the shop to accommodate the new HFDC. Much to do, much fun doing it!
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