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Thread: Vaughn's Sound

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    Vaughn's Sound

    I started a new thread because your birthday one became so long.

    Re Guitar Electronics: I cannot remember what, or if, I sent you the following general info. The tube data is new.
    I talked about 6L6 tubes. You have the 6V6 tube in your Fender. A real simplified description is that a 6L6 is a 6V6 on steroids. 6V6s are for “at home” or a very small club. 6L6s would do the school gym. In push-pull either of them must be pushed hard to cause distortion. That is one of the reasons why they were so popular in more expensive radio/phonograph consoles and guitar amplifiers.

    The 12AX7s are triodes. They carry a clean signal and require less energy. They are normally used down in the weak signal part of the system (in radios, just after the radio frequency signal is converted to analog sound, in amps up near the input jack, in equalizers, etc.).

    Tube info is attached. They are both excellent tubes.

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    Cool info, Jim. I'm not sure if you realize it, but pushing a tube amp to the point of distortion is a very desirable thing among many guitarists (including me). That's one of the reasons tube amps are still very much in demand. Tube amps also tend to emphasize the odd-numbered harmonics, which are more pleasing to the human ear than the even-numbered harmonics typically produced by solid state gear. That said, in the past 10 to 15 years solid state circuitry that accurately emulates a tube amp has come a long way. Right now, I'm using all solid state equipment despite the fact that I own three highly-regarded tube amps. That's because I can get a decent "tube amp pushed to the limit" sound at a much lower volume with the solid state gear.
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