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Thread: Wedding Gift

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    Wedding Gift

    Certain people need to be kept happy and this is a guy to keep happy My local server at my watering hole is getting married this weekend and his wife to be serves us at our favorite eating establishment so I decided to make them cutting board and a pair of matching trivets, love using curlie maple Accent wood is Jarrah Click image for larger version. 

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    Wow those look great Tom. Your smart to keep your food and beverage servers happy too!
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    Beautiful! makes me wanna take up cooking as a hobby.
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    Beautiful, Tom! No doubt, the happy couple will enjoy them.
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    Absolutely beautiful Tom. What a wonderful gift.
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    Beautifully done, Tom! You sure know how to guarantee good service, huh?
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    Wowza! Lovely. Remind me to let you know if I every get married - again!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mohammad Madha View Post
    Beautiful! makes me wanna take up cooking as a hobby.

    Makes me want to be Tom's bartender
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    Beautiful Tom very nice to see you breaking out the good stuff and giving it away. Nice work. Of course it helps when a certain person close at hand has a nice huge sander.

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    Very nice boards Tom! Pay's to keep the people who take care of you taken care of!
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