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Thread: Converting square to round-An adventure in DC exhaust.

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    Converting square to round-An adventure in DC exhaust.

    Well, I mentioned somewhere that I spent a couple hours yesterday running down some parts to set my Clear Vue Cyclone up for exhausting outdoors. I spent the afternoon yesterday mocking it up to make sure it was going to work properly, then using the aluminum ducting tape to seal the metal joints on the adjustable elbow, and the 8/6/6 wye. Man, I wouldn't have any fingers left if I had tried to use that stuff for the entire duct system! I've got cuts all over the place. The B-day card my Mom got me was very fitting. The front has cartoon pictures of a lot of tools and says Here's a gift for the guy that enjoys working with his hands. On the inside was a band-aid! I Man did she nail that one!
    Any way, the exhaust on the Clear Vue is square-ish. The wye is, well,... round. I wanted to use a 10" pipe and cut a donut that the square end would fit on to. couldn't find a good (cheap) way to get the exhaust outside with in the confines of the wall I have to work with. This is the transition I built to connect the clear Vue to the 8" wye. Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DSCN1290.jpg 
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ID:	731 The 8" end of the wye slips in to the round hole. It's a tight fit, but will get screwed in and siliconed to seal it off.
    And this picture show it against the factory transition that turns down to the filter stack, if that's what you choose to do.Click image for larger version. 

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    And finally, the last picture shows all the components, except for the flex hose, that couples the wye to the exhaust ports. The ports are just like dryer exhausts, except these are 6". Ed at Clear Vue says to use an 8" exhaust if going outside...If my mental math is correct, 2 6" is roughly the same area volume wise as an 8" pipe. Click image for larger version. 

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    Next week, I'll do the final fit, and cut the holes through the wall. Hardiboard on the outside, 1" foam insulation board under that, and 3/4" wood siding under that! Could be fun. Wish I had a 6" hole saw!! But man, those things are expensive! Jim (Who's counting down the hours until the electricity is turned on Wed!)
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    jim, i too have several shop built transitions in my system, they work well and for me anyway it`s faster and easier just to build `em than try and find `em ready made....tod
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