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Thread: New toy coming

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    New toy coming

    Couldn't work in a shop without a shop. Sooooo to keep busy & entertained I ordered this so I can at least make noise.

    I had a choice of Seydel, Lee Oscar, Hohner etc.

    Bushman is made in Indianapolis, Indiana and had good reviews.

    I purchased it at a different site & saved $8 which covered the $5.95 shipping.

    I was listening to Accordion music on Youtube & made the comment that & couldn't play the Petosa Accordion because of my back & the Piano or Organ wouldn't fit in the 5thwheel we are living in even though it is 36' long. The LOML said you used to play around with the Harmonica why don't you buy a new one & get with it. So I did. We'll see how it goes.

    This is my favorite harp player humor & all. Listen to all of what he can do.

    There are others out there
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    Now that should be fun. I never could quite get the hang of the harmonica.

    Guess you'll have to share some of your music once you get it!
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    My grandpa was good at the harmonica at least after a few beers. I only saw him get lubricated enough to really let loose and play a couple of times (reportedly he did it more frequently when he was younger).

    I have a couple but mostly make dying cat noises with them despite efforts to the contrary; still kind of fun (for me anyway, I try to be polite and not play to much when others are around )..

    The accordian was kind of fun. I got to the really good "mexican joe" stage with the one we had when I was a kid... I don't know what ever happened to that...

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    Got to be the instrument I would most like to be able to plan. And thanks for putting up the videos, I just spent an hour listening to him and Charlie McCoy. I have 3 but I can't even take the box out of the drawer beside me because my dog goes nuts and starts howling.... yep that is how bad I am. My Dad could play some tunes on one, but I Dad could do anything he put his mind to.
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    Very cool, Bart. The harmonica is one of the handiest instruments around. I used to be able to play a little blues harp, but I'm nothing compared to the guys who really know how to play.

    I had a cousin who was very talented on the accordion. As a teenager she was competing on the national level.
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