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Thread: Helping out a woodworking friend

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    Helping out a woodworking friend

    Mark K stopped by yesterday for a visit. In the midst of our chatting he mentioned that our friend Sean who introduced us way back when I was first building my shop lost 'all' of his tools due to the recent flooding that struck there. Naturally I'm quite concerned for Sean and his family, their modest house is in the section of town which was hardest hit. Mark showed me an aerial photo of his neighborhood, and it looked like the waters were up near the eaves of his garage shop. Thankfully he did have flood insurance, but evidently that's only a small comfort,getting the money etc... can't be an easy task I'm sure.
    I recently bought a new planer, my old Dewalt still works, though it needs a tune up. I was considering selling it, but think I may have it tuned up and offer it to Sean instead. I'll try and get in touch with him and see what he 'needs' or wants to replace in his shop. Or even if he is going to replace his tools, come to think of it.

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    Thumbs up all the way. Good on you, Ned.
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    ^^ What Frank said ^^
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    Thanks for posting this Ned. I know Sean and Mark. I'm about 120 miles west of Sean, but I new nothing about the severe flooding they suffered. Keep us posted if he has any urgent needs.
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    I probably have a few power tools kicking around that I don't use. I'd be happy to donate if needed.
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