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Thread: Cherry & Paduak Flag Cases

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    Cherry & Paduak Flag Cases

    Well, here they are after two years in the making. I know what you're thinking: "Wow, he's really slow. Did he use a small dull knife to make these?"

    Yes, I'm slow. I'm old and I've taken to measuring two if not three times before making a cut. Made too many cuts trying to make a board longer, so I am getting smarter in my senility.

    I made these for myself and my brother. I'm going to keep the cherry and I'll send my brother the Paduak case. The cherry came from my property. I had a sawyer come in and SWMBO & I stacked and stickered it to dry over about a year & a half, so it has special meaning for me. And I think it's pretty wood with some nice figure.

    I still need to get them to the glass company. They will cut some no glare glass and I'll ship my brothers' to Tigard, OR.

    They have 3 coats of hand rubbed tung oil and 4 coats of hand rubbed paste wax. I may give them another rubdown with paste wax after I get them back from the glazier.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Paduak Front.jpg 
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Name:	Paduak Right.jpg 
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    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Cherry Front.jpg 
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Name:	Cherry Left.jpg 
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Name:	Cherry Right (1).jpg 
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Name:	Cherry Right.jpg 
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    Now it's on to my next project.

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    Good looking flag cases Karl and that cherry does have some nice figure

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    Those are really nice! You are correct that cherry is mighty pretty. Beautiful grain. The Padauk is certainly nothing to sneeze at either. Well done.
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    Beautifully done on both, Karl.
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    bought time you changed out the dust on those machines they are made to have wood dust on them
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    Looking good Karl. Padouk darkens nicely with time and that cherry will as well. Nicely done.
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    Both look great Karl.

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