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Thread: Anyone looking to buy a Trend Airshield

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    Anyone looking to buy a Trend Airshield

    "We the People ......"

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    That is a good price indeed. I've got the earlier model of the Airshield, but I'd hate to turn without it.
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    Good thing I notice about peachtree is when they have a deal they do it well and have a real deal. I want one of these but not at present.

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    I absolutely believe in the Trend concept. I know it is right. I know I would give up woodworking before I would wear it. I seriously considered purchasing one, however, I did not because it isn't the right shape for a door stop.

    My neck and head revolt when I get very much on them. Yes, I do wear a 1/2 face mask with N-95 cannisters. Yes, I wear my safety glasses and Yes I wear ear protection but they do not begin to add up to the weight and confinement of a Trend. I DO ENCOURAGE the rest of you to wear a Trend or similar. As I told Myrna, an excellent driver, when I taught her to drive, "Don't do as I do. Do as I say." Wear the protection!!!

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