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Thread: Not Mine, But Quite a Project

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    Not Mine, But Quite a Project

    We were visiting my grandson in Chico, CA and my son-in-law thought I would like this.
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    I didn't know you knew Billy Joel. Cool Yo-Yo.
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    Anybody else remember the theme-appropriate song by the Osmonds? (Back in the ... early 70's?)

    "Whoa, ho, ho, just like a yo yo..."
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    Wow, did you ever bring back memories.
    Our Civic Auditorium was/is over three stories high. When I was in high school, during the Yo-yo craze the following true story occurred: First of all I worked at the Civic Auditorium doing "sound." Second I had a key to everything in the building so I could go wherever I desired.

    Third, one of my friends made a huge Yo-yo (I would guess 6 inches in diameter). He had computed how large the Yo-yo had to be to hold enough string so the Yo-yo could be dropped from the top of the auditorium. Fourth, he put the typical finger lasso on the end of the string.

    The Yo was dropped over the edge of the auditorium. It dropped straight and smooth---like a rock. It was perfect, beautiful, awe-inspiring right up until the Yo hit the bottom and tightened the string lasso on my friends finger. From there it was, to put it mildly, panic. The string was buried so deep in his finger that we couldn't get it out. None of us had any kind of a tool to cut the string or to hook it to pull the loop open.

    So we raced Heck bent for Leather to the nurse's office where the blue finger was freed. It seems that several of those kids had no reason, excuse, or whatever to be on that roof. It also seems that someone, who had a key, should not have let those kids up there.

    The finger was saved. Several young men(?) were told to go to the high-school and report in to the principal's office for execution or something similar. The guy with the key was a real smooth talker and got off "Scott-Free."

    You would be amazed how something like that could make a teenager grow up---Well don't be amazed, I didn't grow up at all for another 50 years or so.


    I have often thought about how much guilt I would have had to carry if the kid's finger needed to be amputated.
    First of all you have to be smarter than the machine.

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    Along the lines of Jim's story, my first thought about the giant yo-yo was that the guy must have huge fingers. Cool piece of woodturning, though.

    And Kerry, why am I not surprised you would remember and find that song? The Osmonds were the bomb back in those days.
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