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Thread: It's Friday - 7/26/2013 Edition

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    It's Friday - 7/26/2013 Edition


    We have had a good soaking rain and cooler weather this week. Has been nice, but it's making that darned grass grow, so will be mowing a bit this weekend. Looks like a an entire weekend of spending time with family and friends. Having a birthday lunch with my wife's family to celebrate my and my daughter's birthdays, which were both in the last week. Saturday evening we have services to attend for our friend Gary that lost his battle with cancer yesterday, the funeral will be on Sunday. We also plan to get together my parents also since they are in town. I may get up to the shop and do some clean-up done before I start the dresser project.

    What's everyone else got going?

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    Taking the Boy Scout troop up American Fork Canyon, to spend the night near Silver Lake Flat Reservoir at about 7400 feet. Planning to hike up to Silver Lake (9,000 feet) on Saturday.

    My only concern is for the cousin of one of the scouts. He just arrived from Japan yesterday; we moved this month's campout 2 weeks so he could come with us. I don't know what elevation he lives at in Japan, but I'm hoping that the combination of jet lag and high altitude won't be a "double whammy" that leaves him wishing he hadn't participated....
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    Finishing up a guitar repair for a friend tonight. Probably go out on the town to listen to music somewhere this evening.

    Saturday I'n going to try to finish up the sanding on the guitar body that I'm sending to Dave for repainting, then in the evening I'm going to go see my boy Ryan McGarvey.

    Sunday...who knows? Way too early to tell.
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    Usual weekend stuff with the added intentional reflection on the next chapter of life. Expect to be completed here by the end of the year, but then who knows. However, it is good to have a plan. Spent two hours this morning watching solar stuff and off grid adventures on YouTube.

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    Sorry to hear about your friend Darren.

    Not much on the docket this weekend. Working Saturday then a birthday party for one of my daughters on Sunday.
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    I plan to fit some cabinet doors and hang the hinges. Everything after that is gravy.
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    Not much going on this weekend except the usual errands & home maintenance projects.

    Just returned from the local Rockler store to pick up the Rockler Dust Right kit & hose & was surprised to find out that there was a Rockler 25% sale going on this Fri, Sat & Sun. Couldn't have picked a better time to visit the store. Not sure if this is a local sale, or for all their stores.

    So now I should have everything to complete the HFDC installation, except the Wynn cartridge filter which is later on.
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    whatever my wife wants to do, that's what Im doing.

    (I have to stain some face frames first thing in the morning, but that will only take 45 minutes)
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    Finally scratched that smoker itch that Brent started and got myself a propane smoker. Seasoned it off yesterday and did three racks of ribs and some ABT's for the grand kids visiting from Oklahoma. Got a big old Boston Butt to do tomorrow and need to find a recipe. Cut up some bar stock to practice welding on with my new Miller Multimatic 200. This should be interesting.

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    I think we need to add another section to the forum for food/bbq/smoking....

    What smoker did you get?

    I'm doing a pork butt on sunday. I use a pretty simple rub. I'll smoke it till it's very tender, and some will get pulled for samwiches, and some will be saved to be used in a sort of chile verde preperation later in the week.
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