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Thread: my drum sander finally found a home

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    my drum sander finally found a home

    for the longest of time, my jet 10-20 had resided on the lower shelf of the table saw. this was due to there being no other space on any of the benches, and as they say, out of sight, out of mind (and at over 70 lbs it was a might awkward to scoot around). i decided that that wonderful mobile platform from building my nephew's insert shouldn't go to waste, and last night i drew up a set of plans on sketchup for the bench for the drum sander. first thing this morning, i headed out to the borg for the 3 2x6's that i would need, and off to pop's i went. after i finished the cutting board (see other post), i started on the new bench. cut everything to size, notched the legs, and knocked it together, then mounted and secured it to the mobile platform. then it was time for the fun part. i had already moved the drum sander from it's shelf to the floor, then from the floor to the makeshift table i was using. once the bench was finished, with a mighty uff da (that's scandahoovian for egads, this thing is really a bit on the heavy side), moved it from the table to its new home. now that i think of it, all of my tools that i have now, and the one in the future, are all on mobile benches now.
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